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San Francisco Home Inspection

A house is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make.
Make sure it’s in tip top shape.
Homes are physical dwellings with dozens of areas that need inspection.
From shingles of the roof to the foundation under the house. From the furnace to the plumbing. From ground water to electrical. Before making an offer on any home, know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.
Our team of experienced home inspectors give you complete peace of mind. We’ve vetted our inspectors so you don’t have to, so you can avoid the fly-by-night inspectors who will either overlook serious problems or make mountains out of molehills for things that aren’t problems.
While California doesn’t require home inspectors to be licensed, there are best practices and code of ethics by the California Real Estate Inspection Association and the American Society of Home Inspectors.
Ten or twenty years ago, the person inspecting your home might have been a father or uncle. It was only more recently that house inspections has become a formal industry with new independent businesses and larger franchised companies. At the same time, every Tom Dick and Harry was posing as a property inspector, poking around for a couple of hours and charging a large sum.

House Inspection with You as the Focus

You might be surprised to learn that the home isn’t our primary focus.
In reality, you the client are our focus.
What that means is we want a win-win situation between the buyer and seller to facilitate the transaction. 
Look over the shoulders of our home inspectors. Ask questions. Make sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the house so that you can sleep at night. No matter if the house is brand new or sixty years old, every house has something to talk about.

New Home Inspections        

Don’t think that inspections are only for older homes. Did you know that even new homes can benefit from inspection reports?

An experienced inspector can provide a progress inspection on new homes, even as they are being built. Foundation reports, framing, and mechanical inspections are all useful, even if it’s just for peace of mind. Our inspectors see hundreds if not thousands of homes and know what is proper and what is out of the ordinary.
New Homes Require Inspection
Four Biggest Deal Killers
Here are the four most common and serious issues that are discovered during a typical inspection:
  1. Furnace issues – replacing a furnace can cost a lot of money. An older furnace can also lead to larger energy bills, and can even mean the presence of asbestos. Consider newer generations of furnaces that can save energy and money.
  1. Roofing – an old or decaying roof can be a major headache down the road. Know if you’re getting a home with quality architectural or asphalt shingles.
  1. Structural problems – while less common, the presence of them can lead to other more serious issues down the road. These include cracking in the walls, soil movement, moisture control and monitoring.
  1. Mold, moisture, mildew – even in warm and dry climates, many things can cause internal moisture damage leading to mold and mildew. Both can be extremely hazardous to your health. Causes can be leaks or improper installation of siding and synthetics, chipboards, etc.
Essential for Buyers and Sellers
While the need for inspections is obvious now for the buyer of a home, it is important for sellers of a home to know what the true cost is of a potential problem. 
Did you know that buyers typically negotiate twice the amount of the actual repair cost? Our experienced pros will make sure you are only responsible for the true cost.
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