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Purchasing a home in Alexandria, VA

Cradled by the Potomac River and nestled about seven miles south of downtown Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia is bustling with history and culture. Heavily populated by employees of the U.S. Department of Defense and private companies contracted with the federal government, Alexandria is a thriving community with a vast array of housing options for the many singles and families who wish to settle there. Whether you would like to settle in Riverside Gardens, just north of George Washington’s former home, Mount Vernon, or Braddock Road Metro, a funky bohemian area filled with artisan shops and quaint restaurants, when you do find that perfect home, make sure to not judge a book by its cover before settling in.

Alexandria, VA Home Inspection

Having a home inspected prior to its purchase is crucial. There are many issues that could arise within a house, and it is much better to find out what the potential concerns are before you invest in any home.

From improper electrical wiring to curling roof shingles, no stone should be left unturned.

Our team of certified home inspectors will thoroughly examine the house and give you the assurance you need before buying it. They have the experience and extensive knowledge necessary to make sure your home is move-in ready.

Alexandria, VA Home Inspection with You as the Focus

While our examination of the home is laser-focused and meticulous, our primary focal point is you, the client. Your peace of mind is the most important element of the process to us, so we invite you to join us in the inspection and make sure that all of your questions are answered. Feel free to watch our home inspectors as they work. Point out any area of concern you may have. Our highest priority is making sure that you are fully comfortable with your home purchase.

Home Inspections for the Old and New in Alexandria, VA

You may find yourself falling in love with Old Town, with its historic architecture and the bustling nightlife of King Street, home of the famous Christ Church and Gadsby’s Tavern. Gorgeous houses with a rich history can make for amazing homes. They are, however, especially prone to some of the dangers that come with age. Being aware of any potential hazards and making corrections when necessary will give you peace while moving into one of these beautiful houses.

Even if your tastes are more aligned with the new home communities in Alexandria, a home inspection is still quite important. Our inspectors can make sure that the foundation has been set properly and that correct installation is being implemented, even giving progress reports during the construction of the home.

Common Issues to Look Out for in Alexandria, VA Home Inspections

There are many external issues that can plague a home, and these can be easy to notice. Peeling paint, broken fixtures, and missing roof shingles may stand out. However, many common and potentially serious problems can be more difficult for the untrained eye to spot. Home inspectors will find even the hidden trouble areas.

Some of the most common hazards uncovered in a home inspection include:

  1. Improper electrical wiring: Double taps (two electrical circuits attached to one breaker) can often be a fire hazard. Another common issue is improper placement of hot and neutral wires (reversed polarity).
  2. Grading issues: If water is not drained properly away from the home, the foundation could move or crack and there could be water penetration in a crawlspace or basement.
  3. Furnace issues: An older furnace not only can produce higher energy bills, but could also indicate an asbestos presence.
  4. Poor ventilation: Many homes are over-sealed, causing excessive moisture inside the house. This can lead to structural problems, mold, and mildew.

Essential for Buyers and Sellers in Alexandria, VA

Sellers also need to understand the importance of home inspections. On an average, buyers negotiate double the amount of the necessary repair costs for a house. Sellers can protect themselves by knowing exactly what problems and potential issues exist in the home and how much the repairs should actually cost.

A Worthwhile Investment in Alexandria, VA

It’s natural to want to buy or sell a product as soon as possible. However, when the product is a home, that technique could cause big problems down the road. One of the wisest actions a buyer or seller in Alexandria could take is to invest time and resources in making sure that all potential issues are resolved before the sale of a house. The result is a smooth transaction that provides residents with a safe, long-lasting home.

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