Top Hat helps buyers, sellers, real estate agents and home owners of all kind get matched up with an expert qualified home inspector in their area.
Services we offer include the following:
-General grade
-Aerial utility
-Grounding system, service entrance and meter base
-Specific grade
-Driveway and sidewalk
-Exterior of foundation or skirt
-Columns and decks
-Supporting piers
-Crawl space
-Plumbing and wiring
Roof of house
-Service panel
-Water supply
-Electrical and plumbing (general)
-Kitchen and bath
-Appliances, if any
-Doors, windows, floors and walls
Furnace and hot water heater
There may be other services offered not included on this list. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions so we can tailor our exam and report to your specific needs!
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